Belgium Medical Corps.

                  Members and honorary members of the recognized
"2nd Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital"

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Founder of the B.M.C.
2nd A.B.F.H.B.
             Freddy a.k.a. "Jaime Wesley  Neely" Bonnaerens
   Chief Surgeon 
Lt. Colonel 



Commander of the B.M.C.
2nd A.B.F.H.B.
             Bruno a.k.a. "Sir Baydeway" Van Ooteghem
 Public relations of the B.M.C.   webmaster



Belgium Medical Corps - Hospital Unit
Cor  a.k.a "Padre" Maasdam   Captain   Hospital Chaplain
Patrick  a.k.a "Pat Gerret" Laurier   Captain Surgeon   Hospital Clerk
Secretary of the B.M.C.
Bernadette a.k.a "Miss. Beauty" Thacts    Doctor
Ann a.k.a "Miss. Dorothea Dix" Van Hoeck    
2nd Lieutenant  
Treasurer of the B.M.C.
Guy  a.k.a "Little Guy" Pauwels   Sergeant Major Veterinarian Black-smith.
Marie-Louise  a.k.a "Lady Wiskey" Heyninck   Hospital Steward
Evelien a.k.a "Belle Starr" Roeland 
Chief Matron

Thorsten  a.k.a "Little Snake" Blanche Lance-Corporal   Medical Cadet

Jean  a.k.a "Sir. Jan" Dierick Lance-Corporal   Stretcher-bearer
Eddy a.k.a "Sir. Edward" Lanckman Lance-Corporal   Stretcher-bearer
Albertine a.k.a "Miss. Mary-lou" Andries    Nurse
Marie-Louise a.k.a "Miss. Milou" De Raes    Nurse
Fabienne a.k.a "lady Mary Ann Perkins" Moens 
Marcel a.k.a "Sir. Flint" Piette  Doctor and Governor of Tennessee

Sandy a.k.a "Miss. Texas Twixy" Ballieu    Dentist-Barber

Antoine a.k.a "Don Pepe" De Wilde  Embalmer

JoŽl a.k.a "Sir. Jace Pearson" Schoutteet   Undertaker

Wendy a.k.a "Amila Whipple" Verbeurgt   Nurse

Honorary Members

          Sir. Francis De Vogelaer a.k.a "Sir. FanFan"
   Commander Stonewall Jackson Division Europa.              

Staff General

      Sir. James M. Mills

             Chief Surgeon Lt. Colonel

Commanding Chief Medical of the Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital

Sir. Michael Steven Lashley

               Surgeon Major

  Hospital Clerk & Adjutant of the Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital

Sir. Ransom Autry

Liaison Officer Captain

  Aide de Camp of the Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital

Sir. Thierry De Wilde a.k.a "Sir. John McCain"
                Commander Major & VSO of the B.M.C.         

Commander and founder of the 6th LA "Confederate Tigers"


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