Medical Service America Anno 19 th century

In times of the American Civil war between the North and the  South there was a desperate need for medical staff, care centres and hospitals. It wasn’t until the end of the Civil War 1861-1864 that there was a medical service within the military .

The North : At the beginning of this war the North already had a medical service ,but not that good for all the wounded that this war had caused. The South had nothing  , lets say almost nothing of a medical service, so they needed to take over the structure of the North, and had to build their own medical department.

In the “Far West” 1800  there were frequently wounded people, diseases, shot and stab wounds and of course all kinds of accidents happened. So they needed a medical man or female, charlatan or real doctors  FOTO

Attacks of the outlaws, desperado’s , Indians, Mexicans, competing families, wild animals and others, caused a lot of work for the medical. Diseases and body problems were helped by moving hampers  who tried to help the sick and  well believing and unknown men  with products which were called the wonder products, lets think about the discovery of coca cola !! ………( discovered by apothecary John  Pemberton 1884),doctors, nurses, dentists,… were really needed!

In the present America the Civil War is kept high in thoughts  by different associations who do Re-enactments and Living History which exists of different regiments, companies and components, such as the “ Sanitaire Commissie” and the “Medical Departments”, and this for the northern as  for the southern armies.
Within our borders we have some associations (just like the American ones) who try to keep the Civil War high in thoughts, also by having Re-enactments but this on lower level, because of less recourses and components but with the same commitment and enthusiasm.
Within the Belgian Re-enactments and Living History associations they only have fighting entities who exists on soldiers, with the necessary attributes and paying attire and citizen attire anno 19 th century. We also have within the Living History some associations who promote the “Old Time” Cowboys or the “Indianism”.
Until now there are no Clubs, associations, regiments, or companies  who have a component of medical or sanitary commission aspects, in this period of the C.W.  Very exceptional we see this component, within the Re-enactment and Living History tent camps.


This component is more than fascinating ,and has a lot of possibilities,  and we can make interesting Re-enactments which can be practised on little space.
That is why they decided to build up this component with the people who have an interest on this subject. We are looking for people who want to work with on a active base, so this will be limited. Different functions with or without adapted military degrees can be foreseen.

This means we need medical staff, nurses and even people who want to play victims .

 So! If you feel addressed for this unknown form of Re-enactment, Living History and C.W. happening , or you want to know  more or have part in this ,already participating in another association or not , you can contact me by e-mail v.o.b@skynet.be

you don’t have to have experience,  only a positive attitude and willing to invest some time on this hobby is needed.

                                                                                     Freddy a.k.a. J.W. Neely Bonnaerens

                                                                                     Bruno a.k.a Bay de Way


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